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Compliment Your iPhone's Colors With The Colorful Case

Compliment Your iPhone's Colors With The Colorful Case

The stylish blends of Colorful Cases protect your iPhone 13, 14, from scratches and accidental drops. Show your unique style with these colorful cases while providing bespoke protection for your iPhone

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Unique Colorful Case for iPhone Features

  • Crystal Clear and Anti-Yellow Cover: With high-definition polyurethane and polycarbonate materials, this case is perfect for iPhone 13, 14. Both the interior and exterior surfaces have been coated with scratch-resistant coatings. All materials and coatings are designed to prevent yellowing over time.
  • Raised Camera & Screen Protection: This phone is designed with raised bezels to prevent drops and scratches to the screen and camera. There are 3mm lips over the camera and 1.92mm bezels over the screen which provide extra comprehensive protection.
  • Military Drop Protection: There are four built-in airbags in the corners of the case, designed to provide solid protection for the iPhone. The case is 3.3mm thick, which serves as a bumper for the phone.


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ProtectYour iPhone

Having become so fundamental to our daily lives, it is inevitable that we'll drop our phones from time to time. That’s why Mkeke has created the best iPhone case that’s going to protect your device from being damaged while making its colors pop!

This slim Unique Colorful Case provides the perfect protection from sudden drops because of its unique hollow design and sturdy bumper. We also padded the camera area in order to prevent cracks and scratches on the lenses.

  • Sustainable Anti-YellowingTechnology

    Using high-quality polyurethane material and polycarbonate, our Unique Colorful Case will retain its original color for a long time. Moreover, the case won’t start yellowing for a long time.

    The Unique Colorful Case By Mkeke is made from high-quality materials, which ensure it will last longer than other phone cases. This will reduce the amount of waste generated during the life of the case.

    Additionally, Mkeke case boasts a sleek, minimalist design, protecting your iPhone without being too bulky.


    A good case design shouldn't just be functional, but also beautiful and stylish, which is why you should choose the Unique Colorful Case for your iPhone 14 and 13.

    You can also combine the iPhone's shiny colors with those of this slim, minimalist case. Blending colors that really stand out!


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    Is the case military grade shockproof?

    Yes! This case has military grade shockproof material. The Crystal Clear Case is made with high-definition polyurethane and polycarbonate. The slim case will protect your phone really well and doesn’t look bulky.

  • 2

    Does the case fit my phone?

    As long as you have an iPhone 13 or iPhone 14, you are all set! Just make sure you order the appropriate case for the appropriate model of the iPhone!

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    How hard or soft is the case?

    It's soft on the side and hard on the back. Additionally, it is extremely easy to install and remove. The Crystal Clear Case is made with flexibility and comfort in mind.

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    Does this still work with wireless charging?

    Definitely! Wireless charging is an important iPhone feature, so we made sure that it works perfectly with the Crystal Clear Case.